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Ladies, welcome to Promote Her Business' (PHB) community:) Let's learn about your biz, give you more promotion opps & "Network HER Way" at events!

Let's lock arms to shine the brightest spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs {including ourselves}!

Can you be a F*r*e*e guest at Virtual Speed Networking (VSN)?

Yes, find out when the next VSN is coming up & RSVP for Free here:

Can you start promoting your business right away?

Yes, promote yourself by joining our public Promote Her Business FB Group:

Can you start PHB Membership for F*R*E*E?

YES! For the most value, start your F*R*E*E 30 Day Trial Membership and have the opportunity to participate in 4 virtual, "Network HER Way" events this month!

(These include virtual events - like Global Networking Circle, Wild Card Networking, PHB Round-Table Networking ... which you won't find on meetup)

Build inspiring, Win-Win relationships with other purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs and play to get more leads & referrals this month: 

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