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Do you work in Blockchain (http://www.proofsuite.com/index.html), Fintech, or Finance in general? Then our group is for you.

We are members of Proof Inc (http://www.proofsuite.com/index.html), a financial technology solutions company based in Seoul, South Korea. Currently, we are traveling around the world hosting meetups of 15 - 20 people in order to share our experiences with Korean finance, banking, regulation, and blockchain. Since Fintech is international, we invite you to bring to the group your own insights and opinions drawn from whatever country you originate.

So far, we have hosted meetups in Tokyo, Singapore, and soon Dubai, speaking with decision makers and innovators from every continent. If you fancy meeting other people interested in these subjects for a laidback networking and discussion opportunity, check out this group. Likewise, if you are interested in hosting a similar event in Seoul, we are more than happy to accommodate your own meetup.

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