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Every other Friday, we get together in the ballroom and/or basement of the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture to celebrate board and card games of all types. You'll see silly, social party games, European economic simulators, social deduction experiences, and everything in between. We love teaching the games and sharing all the great stuff that's going on in modern game design, so even if you're not familiar (yet!) with what games can do lately, you'll come away having learned something new. We provide a lot of games, soft drinks, and some great beers with help from Sixpoint Brewery (, but please feel free to bring anything you like. Your suggested donation of $10 includes the gaming, all the beverages you care to drink, and directly benefits the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture (learn more at Any questions? Please refer to our FAQ located at in the About section. We'll see you there!

The Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture

53 Prospect Park West · Brooklyn, NY


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The Prospect Park Board Gaming Club is a place to meet new people, drink good beer, and - of course - play board games. We have Settlers of Catan, King of Tokyo, BANG!, Arctic Scavengers, Cards Against Humanity, Cosmic Encounter, and a bunch of others. The Club is hosted by the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture at 53 Prospect Park West.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new, how does the meetup work?

We meet every 2nd and 4th Friday from 7 pm to midnight at 53 Prospect Park West. We're usually in the main room which is located directly to the left when you first enter the building. You will find a table full of board games that your fellow attendees have brought, and another with refreshments (you can also bring your own to share). You can play any game that's out, and add your own to the pile if you brought some. Don't hesitate to invite anyone who looks lost or idle to join in your game!

What board games will be there?

You can expect modern board & card games like Catan, Werewolf, Secret Hitler and Ticket to Ride. Rarely does our community skew to classics like chess, mahjong, rummy, Scrabble or Monopoly, but if that's your jam then bring a copy.

Do I haveeeee to donate?

No. It is a donation but we will shake our heads and collectively say “for shame for shame" if you do not. You will also be contributing to a potential shutdown, bankruptcy, zelda rooster attack and Cthulhu taking our souls if you do not donate. Do you want that on your conscience? #stopcthulhu

OMG the meetup is full can I still come?

Nope. We set the limit to allow everyone to have a good time and stay fire-free. Jump on the waitlist and we'll extend the limit if the location allows us extra space.

Can I come late?

Yes, but we highly suggest coming on time for the best experience. The nature of this meetup is that you will ideally have time to play 3 to 4 games each time.

What if the door is locked?

There's a buzzer to the right of the main door. Lean on it until someone hears it and lets you in, and try banging on the door for good measure. If this doesn't work, post a comment on the Meetup page or contact a co-organizer via the Meetup site.

Y'all have a beer sponsor? WHAAAAT?!

Yes! Sixpoint Brewing is one of our beer sponsors. They give us the beer at a reduced rate but we still gotta pay for it. If you would like to sponsor us please contact co-organizer Nate via Meetup.

Can I bring an original board game I invented?

HELL YEAH MY DICE ROLLER! We love this. If you get people interested (very easy here) get some free play testing but be excellent about it. Let everyone know what is up and don’t hog a table purely for your game.

Can I bring a pet?

Please do not bring pets! Though we strive to create an inclusive environment, part of that is understanding that we might have people attending who are allergic to animals or even afraid of them. Also, the event can get loud and may intimidate smaller creatures. Service animals and support animals who are trained for busy environments are welcome.

Can I mansplain or be mean to people?

NO. WE ARE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER HERE! Ask before assuming that someone knows or doesn't know how to play a game. If the competition gets to your head and you feel like saying something rude, instead take a break out front or in the spacious backyard area.

No sexism, racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. In case of conflict, apologize and listen with an open mind. Contact the co-organizers if any behavior makes you uncomfortable.

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