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Bring iPod & earbuds: everybody listens to their own music as we dance walk around the park loop. Check it out here: https://vimeo.com/283214936.

What is "Dance Walking"? It's is an improvised form of walking, with music, doing whatever movement comes naturally. It's walking and moving your arms. Or skipping, skitching, low-stepping, sideways running. It's responding to the rhythm, attitude, or story of the music you're hearing. In short, it's having a dance party in your living room, while walking through the park.

This meet-up is for folks inspired by music, who can no longer suppress the urge to bust a move! "Dance" encompasses a wide range of physical movement on the Dance Walk--no professional creds necessary. DW is not a performance, but a loose container for exercise, music immersion and physical expression.

We meet @10am, share names, cue up our tunes and usually take off by 10:05am. Done by 11:20am.

A word to the shy, self-conscious, and judgy: You will have the MOST fun of all. Once you're warm and hit that flow, the negative mental static falls away. Movement comes easily, music takes over. Take it from a deeply self-conscious person, Dance Walk is a profoundly joyful liberation.

Check out this funny and smart article published about the Dance Walk in Prospect Park: http://themomtropolis.com/dance-walk-you-know-you-want-to/

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Prospect Park entrance @Grand Army Plaza

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