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We are heart-centered, ambitious, professional women, passionate about changing lives and improving our world through our work. We are transforming business by embracing a feminine model of community, inner guidance, nurturing, and celebration. We are interested in greater prosperity with less stress, and we enjoy connecting with other like-minded women.

Imagine living a life of prosperity and success, with clarity, certainty, and purpose. Envision the knowing that comes when you quiet your racing thoughts and tap into your intuition. Picture easily attracting the people and the resources you want into your career and life. Imagine having a fountain of resources and skills to help you achieve the Prosperity and Success you’ve been striving for and that you deserve and desire all while having fun and creating rich, deep connections. Through exciting, transformational events, supportive meetings and fun activities, we are committed to empowering, supporting, and inspiring one another. Each of us 100% response-able, creating miracles daily, and living our lives with purpose, prosperity, and joy!

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Dare to Shine - 2021 Intention Setting Workshop

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