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Healers In Business - The Power Of The New Divine Feminine Energies
Welcome healers in business and aspiring spiritual entrepreneurs! You have such an important job and so much work to do in serving humanity in this global energetic shift, by shining your light and using your divine gifts, by raising consciousness and vibration, by transforming and elevating humanity into a more peaceful, healthy and love based existence. Are you ready? If not, it's ok! Come have some fun, learn, connect, get empowered and energized and help your light shine brighter! It's a process, a process of emergence for all of us. ...and a wise person once said that 90% of success is simply showing up. Profound wisdom. Today, join me in exploring the power of the new divine feminine energies. Learn how to work with them to find your inner peace and to make a difference through your creative power, rather than utilizing the old masculine energies of force, doing, and struggling. We'll talk about the global energetic shift, it's purpose, our role in it and how it is affecting us, and why there is so much unrest in the world right now, and why you might be going through your own drama. Get empowered by understanding the natural forces of the divine and how to work with them. To further support you in your journey, I will be also offering readings toward the last part of the meetup! Yej, let's have some fun! This meetup is held every 1st and 3rd Friday each month from 2pm - 4pm. Agenda: 15 min Networking Introductions Presentation/Discussion Clairvoyant Readings Dagmar, the host and presenter, is a compassionate and powerful spiritual healer and teacher and has facilitated deep integrative soul work and quantum healing for 13+ years and has helped hundreds of people improve their lives. Dagmar has a vast understanding of past lives, soul mates, twin flames, the deeper meaning of relationships, the spiritual world and its reflection in the physical, the inner workings of the soul, and true transformation. Dagmar has recently launched Advanced Healers Academy to teach Quantum Healing and her Soul Wisdom. You can learn more about Dagmar and her work at or connect with her on Facebook I look forward to meeting you and sharing our journeys!

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What we're about

Hello! Let me share a little about how this group came to be. In 2015, I set out on a new path to add value to the alternative & holistic wellness industry for both practitioners and consumers... and launched a company called You Define Wellness!

Little did I realize when I set out on this journey how hungry wellness practitioners were to connect with their peers, get to know people in other modalities, and discover ways to help their business... but I soon discovered this and knew I could be instrumental in creating positive change.

Our first meetings were with our own network providers and the energy was amazing; because of this we decided to launch MeetUps throughout the metro-area for ALL in the wellness industry, not just those who are part of my company's network. Let me say it again... We are a community for anyone interested in alternative, holistic and traditional forms of wellness!

Meetings will eventually be held throughout the metro-Denver area for about 90 minutes... we're growing so keep watching for new locations to be added! Topics will be repeated in other locations when possible.

Our focus is to help you in your wellness business and to that end our topics will be on practice management, learning about other modalities, and connecting in the industry.

Please note: Most of our MeetUps will have a $5 donation to offset expenses. We believe you're receiving something of value in attending and having 'skin in the game' is important for abundance and prosperity. This is a voluntary donation.

*** We now have a sister MeetUp called The Wellness Experience! ( If you are interested in hosting an event (you pick the date/time/topic and find a location; we'll promote it for free), simply follow the instructions in the MeetUp for that group. There is no charge by us to post your event, it is as a courtesy to you. ***

And The Wellness Experience! has a Facebook page too! Click here ( to discover our Facebook page.

We welcome you to our community and invite you to join us!

Denise O'Malley, Managing Partner of You Define Wellness!

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