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Description: Let's learn decentralized web protocols together! Starting with the interactive IPFS tutorials at https://proto.school/#/tutorials , we'll explore how the decentralized web works and how to build it.

While this is a developer-oriented meetup, anyone with any level of coding experience is welcome– bring a laptop and be ready to learn!

This meetup is governed by a Code of Conduct– please read it here: https://github.com/ProtoSchool/seattle/blob/master/CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md

Learn more about this meetup on our Github page: https://github.com/ProtoSchool/seattle

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Diving into the Decentralized Web: ProtoSchool Learns IPFS!

What is the decentralized web? What is it good for, and how does it work? Let's find out together! At this workshop, we will work through: Decentralized Data Structures (https://proto.school/#/data-structures/01) Peer to Peer Data Links with Content Addressing (https://proto.school/#/basics/01) Blogging on the Decentralized Web (https://proto.school/#/blog/01) You will need: * Laptop Expected prior experience: * Some coding experience recommended but not required There will be a social event nearby following the meetup.

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