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Prototypes and popcorn is a monthly night of talks looking at the intersection of design, making, and experience. Prototypes are the native language of design; they help us to test out the future before it happens. We showcase the work and learnings that people have had as a result of design, while also looking at the adjacent possible of UX, SD, XD, and other disciplines of design.

Prototypes and popcorn seeks to be exploratory, conversational, and messy. Whereas most design nights aim to be useful and aspirational, we hope to be reflective and interesting. We will never provide answers for how to be better at your job, but instead seek out the broader questions in our industry.

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Prototypes and popcorn will explore what happens when humans need to cooperate with systems that they don't exactly understand, and designing the seams between those boundaries. The speakers this month are Simon Hildebrandt and Jo Szczepanska. Doors open at 6 Talks start at 6.30 Question time finishes up before 7.45 We're in the back room at Loop bar Talk 1 - Visions, solutions, opportunity spaces Despite the cynical designer stereotype, why do the futures we create and sell always end on a high note? Considering the current climate emergency, Jo will chat about designing for the end of the world. Talk 2 - Meeting the Machine Halfway We need to be examining the application of technology with a critical eye - going beyond the 'could' and seriously asking the 'should'. Simon will give us a tour of a few of his favourite technology compromises and consider for each whether they, effectively, give more than they take. Jo Szczepanska's day job is to advocate and embed co-design within public dentistry. She works with customers and clinicians to think big, act small, and prototype quickly. She has won awards, worked in Australia and abroad. Here she combines her experiences in the funeral industry, crime scene reconstruction and a fascination with Doomsday prepping. Simon Hildebrandt is either a geeky artist, or an artistic geek, depending on the day and the person you ask. He builds stuff - using web technologies, a soldering iron, or a laser cutter - when he's not playing music or being a Dad. Get in touch if you have an idea for a talk to give at the next Prototypes and Popcorn. We're always on the lookout for people with an opinion about design.

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