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Prototypes and popcorn is a monthly night of talks looking at the intersection of design, making, and experience. Prototypes are the native language of design; they help us to test out the future before it happens. We showcase the work and learnings that people have had as a result of design, while also looking at the adjacent possible of UX, SD, XD, and other disciplines of design.

Prototypes and popcorn seeks to be exploratory, conversational, and messy. Whereas most design nights aim to be useful and aspirational, we hope to be reflective and interesting. We will never provide answers for how to be better at your job, but instead seek out the broader questions in our industry.

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The problems with user centred design

This will continue on with some of the themes discussed at De-Centring the User, the event put on for Melbourne Design Week. Jussi Pasanen will explore how Human Centred Design as an ideology is probably harmful in a few cases. Rueben Stanton will be talking about Community Centred Design as an improvement on, and enlarging the scope of, Human Centred Design.

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De-centring the user


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