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Prototypes and Popcorn
Prototypes and Popcorn
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Prototypes and popcorn will look at how design got to where it is and then where it needs to go. Starting with unpacking the industrial paradigm that created design, then moving past the individualistic human centricity to en ecosystem driven design, the speakers will be Milly Schmidt and Jon Osborne.

Doors open at 6
Talks start at 6.30
Question time finishes up before 7.45
We're in the back room at Loop bar

Talk 1
Human-centred design is not enough anymore and we need to move to ecosystem-driven design. Milly will argue we need to embrace a collectivist, progressive, circular, sustainable and feminist design approach that focuses on reducing waste, including everyone while effectively and efficiently scaling.

Talk 2
You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created the problem; design is no different, having been created within an industrial paradigm to solve industrial problems. Jon will challenge the assumptions on which the practice of design has been built.

Milly Schmidt is a senior user experience designer and creative technologist practicing some the art of asking tricky questions without pissing people off too much. She is frequently somewhere between a design system and a research interview, and is allergic to bullshit and buzzwords. In her spare time she likes to dig through the bins at the office and irritate people about soft plastic recycling.

Jon Osborne is a coach, facilitator, and mentor who helps leaders and teams create impact in the world through business. His background includes designing theatres and concert halls, corporate strategy and leadership development. He helps people understand human drives and motives to support effective organisational change, and is committed to sharing his approach to inspire creative confidence and meaningful action.

Get in touch if you have an idea for a talk to give at the next Prototypes and Popcorn. We're always on the lookout for people with an opinion about design.