The Browser Is Dead, Long Live The Web!



For decades, it has been safe to assume that every networked computing device had a graphical Web browser installed by default. With the rise of mobile computing, wearable tech, and conversational computing, this is no longer a safe assumption. Join author and speaker Jonathan Stark for this inspiring talk where he will explore what web professionals can do to thrive in a world without web browsers.


* 6 skills that won’t go out of style for at least a decade
* How to succeed in an industry that changes almost daily
* Why the browser is declining in relevance (and why it’s no big deal)
* What the digital landscape will look like in the next few years
* Where the web is going


Jonathan Stark literally wrote the book on building mobile apps with open web technologies. His monthly webinars on topics like HTML5, CSS, JS, responsive web design, PhoneGap, and more regularly attract 1000+ registrants. Jonathan is a sought after speaker on the subject of mobile web and has given sold out talks on three continents