A JavaScript Stack to Build On: Intersecting UX and DX

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Owen Buckley from Kenzan Presents:
The front-end landscape has changed dramatically over the past couple years since the release of the latest EMCAScript specification in 2015 which has brought a new sense of maturity to JavaScript, in particular with the introduction of two key features; modules and classes. This has led to a proliferation of great tools, libraries, and frameworks that have helped to accelerate the development of frontend applications, but has also made decision-making more challenging. In this presentation, we will examine how a stack focusing on Yarn for package management, webpack for application bundling, and TypeScript for writing our application’s source code can give developers and organizations the building blocks to write more maintainable and optimized applications. This has a positive impact not just on user experiences, but can also make for more frictionless and streamlined development experiences as well, thus ensuring the focus of development is on the application, and not the infrastructure.