Faster Tied Together: Bundling Your App with webpack

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Owen Buckley from Kenzan continues with the next installment of his excellent series on JavaScript stacks:

Frontend applications, as with JavaScript itself, have also matured over the years. Frameworks and libraries like Angular and React, coupled with better and faster browsers, have changed what is possible and expected from a website, which we have now started to categorize as web applications. The mixing and organization of an application’s source code (as static assets like HTML / CSS / JavaScript, images and fonts) now requires complex orchestrations that have started to push the limits of what task runner tools like Grunt and Gulp can do for us without requiring a lot of configuration, setup, and maintenance on the developer’s end. Webpack aims to solve this problem directly by providing a build framework / paradigm specifically designed for taking a web application and all its assets and generating an optimized, production ready bundle. In addition, webpack plays well with all the popular web development tools, libraries, and frameworks out there. All of this comes together to helps reduce maintenance and complexity to application maintainers and lets the focus be on the development of the application itself.