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The club will be closed until the current situation improves. Thank you for understanding and stay safe.

The Providence Gaming Guild is a social club dedicated to playing board games, RPGs, miniature wargames and the like.

Want to play some of the many new board games that are all currently all the rage? PGG is where you can find them on the table. Some recent games to make the rounds are “Tapestry”, “Twilight Imperium”, “Irish Gauge”, “Teotihuacan” and many others. The classics hit the table all the time too and range from party games to heavy euros and strategy games. Don’t worry if you are new to the hobby, someone is always willing to teach.

New to D&D or looking for a group of fellow RPGers to join? Make PGG your destination to roll some dice. Can’t find a space to play? Stop bumping elbows with the crowds at the local CCG shop and use one of our many tables to run your campaign.

WH40K or Warmachine or any other mini wargame your thing? We have custom-built tables with painted terrain. Come check us out. Warhammer is sold on site as well and discounted for PGG members. New to the hobby? Come try out WH40K: Kill Team or Warhammer: Shadespire.

Currently, we are open Monday thru Thursday, 6:30-10:00ish. We are also usually open on most Saturdays and Sundays as well at 1:00. Look at the schedule here for specific hours and dates.
Providence Gaming Guild is a membership-driven social club with modest monthly dues.


If you aren't a member yet, swing by on a day or night with an activity that interests you and check us out!

681 Broadway, Providence, RI

Park in the Citizens Bank Lot in the rear of the complex. We're on the 2nd floor in the back.

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