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Team Handball is the most popular indoor sport across most of Europe combining the movement, physicality and scoring of Basketball with the skill, reflexes and strategy of Soccer.

It's a sport anyone can play if you can run, dribble and throw a ball. It is aggressive but also controlled.

Here is a link to a great game from the recent Champions League Playoffs to wet your appetite.

Once we have enough members we will be playing on a new court at Wide World of Indoor Sports in North Smithfield with slightly altered rules depending on turnout and setup of the court. We hope to have 4 teams with 6-7 players (not including subs) per side.

This Meetup will be open to not only experienced players but hopefully folks who wish to discover a new sport (There are some basic Handball Tutorial Links posted in the Discussion Section). The first few weeks will be more of a Pre Season for players to learn the game and rules and hopefully any seasoned players can help in this process.

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