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WHY WORK TRADE? Carpentry / repair work around the house is often a two or three person job. Meet folks to help you with labor to complete home repair / odd job projects. Think Amish style barn raising, except instead of barns, youre refinishing your deck and instead of roosters crowing in the background youve got some good tunes.

WHO? This meetup is open to anyone. No prior experience needed! No tools required! How? projects will vary--some will require more work some require less. Your time, willingness, and labor are what count. WHAT? Any kind of project from cleaning the yard to painting the house to roofing to kitchen upgrade etc. It all depends on te project. The person who proposes the project should provide the materials (paint, rakes, nails, etc.) and should know what they want/need to do (you can get much of that info on youtube) WHEN? Up to you! Suggest weeknights for widest availability.

The way this works is you help someone with their project then they help you on yours. Logistics are easy: put in 4 hours in order to introduce your own project on the site as a "meetup". Im open to ideas to help make sure participation is fair and equal. I will manage via the meetup site permissions/banning members that do not follow through, etc.

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