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If you'd like to find out more about proximity thinking, ask questions, discover more ways to use it, see it in action for idea generation and shared challenges, hear about ongoing collaborations, see how others are using it and share how you're using it, then join us in person or online with your phone, mobile device or computer. We'll start with a 15-20 minute intro to proximity thinking and some related projects. Then we'll generate some ideas and explore new approaches for shared challenges. Throughout, there will be time for questions and sharing your experiences with proximity thinking. I also hope to start some ongoing collaborations, both online and in various communities, and you'll get updates on that. So, you'll get a chance to explore proximity thinking as described above, and I'll get a chance to explore how people are using it or want to use it, as well as get feedback and answer questions. You'll get benefits from me and other participants, and I'll get benefits from you and other participants. Which leads me to the following paragraph about ProxRewards. In pursuit of creating sustainable proximities and sustainable variety, there is no price for this event. Rather, we'll use optional ProxRewards, also called "proxri," which are part of the proximity thinking framework and are not limited to money. (See for more.) It's not required, but if we want we can proxri those who help us, related to the benefits (now or in the future) we gain from them as a result of this event, and/or related to our interactions with them during this event. Closer to the event, I'll email you more details about this. Attending online is easy since it will be livestreamed to YouTube, on every device where you can watch YouTube. Commenting for chat and questions will also be enabled. The livestream should be available at the ProxThink channel ( when we start the session. However, it's best to sign up here to receive the specific link via email prior to the event. The most in-person attendees the room can support is in the range of 10-15. However, the number of online attendees is unlimited. If this event date doesn't work for you, I'll be having more frequent online-only versions of this session. Watch for and find those here in this meetup group and/or on Eventbrite here: Taking the online course "Intro to ProxThink — Let’s Be More Alive" prior to the event is not required, but recommended. The minimum proxri for the course is quite reasonable. Alternatively, with an optional proxri, you can access some trials, get an overview of proximity thinking and the website, and take all the quizzes. Here's the course: WeWork Gas Tower is in downtown Los Angeles. See the nearby map and address. We'll be in meeting room 35F. When you arrive at WeWork, check in via the guest registration tablet at the front desk, as a guest of me, David Loughry. Bring a photo ID. Parking in the building after 4 pm is a flat $14.75. However, parking half a block away after 5 pm at the nearby Pershing Square is a flat $9. Public transit (both buses and trains) also arrives and departs just half a block away at Pershing Square. More about this WeWork location can be found here: I hope to host this event at various places around the Los Angeles area. I'm also available to host it at your organization, building, event, etc. This event uses the ProxThink Terms of Use (, which boring as it is, is probably the friendliest terms of use you've seen. Why? Mainly because parts of it, including the Proxri Deal, Collaboration Deal, Online Session Agreement and Intellectual Property Deal integrate some of the proximity thinking framework. This makes it a better fit for our connected world. I hope you'll join us! —David Loughry

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We're learning some proximity thinking. We're applying it to personal, social, career and business challenges. We're also applying it personally and via mobile apps to challenges we share with other people in groups, organizations, neighborhoods, communities, the Los Angeles region and beyond. Proximity thinking is a proximity-focused framework for creativity, innovation, problem-solving, sustainability and living. You can learn more and use it on your own, if you like, at , or more quickly with an online course at . This group will help make learning and using proximity thinking more interactive and personal.

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