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What we’re about

A place to discuss psychedelics, look at the potential benefits for people and society and chat about the latest research and news stories. All welcome - join us!

Take a look at the full Psychedelic Scotland purpose and rules:

•    This group is a place to discuss, debate and share opinions, research and stories regarding psychedelics.

•    We don't advocate or recommend the use of psychedelics, share information about sourcing or supply of psychedelics and we are aware of the legal issues regarding psychedelic use in the UK at the current time.

•    Specifically we're interested in the impact of psychedelics on people and society, legalisation, public awareness and potential use for scientific, health and wellbeing, spiritual and healing purposes.

•    Every group member will commit to provide a safe, inclusive, friendly, welcoming and confidential space for free-thinking discussion.

•    All members of the group will treat each other with respect and kindness and listen to the views of others, as well as being allowed time and space to share their own views.