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What we’re about

Are you ready to push the edges of consciousness?

Are you interested learning what happening underground for peak performance, including experts on micro-dosing, biohacking, regenerative productivity?

Want to be the first to try ground-breaking protocols, leading-edge energy modalities, and learn about top-shelf entheogens designed to hack your mind and body?

Catapult yourself to new levels of abundance, mastery, and success in your life! 

Psychedelic Journeys is a movement for the modern day alchemists, infusing ancient traditions with modern upgrades through uniquely crafted events, workshops, discussions, & one-on-one coaching. 

Where else will you be able to nerd out the newest nootropics and get the low-down on alternative healing studies for ayahuasca in the same night?

We are psychedelic connoisseurs and life is a psychedelic!