What we're about

The Vienna Psychedelic Society fosters an evidence-based dialogue about the true risks and benefits of psychedelic substances.

**This meetup is NOT about the physical exchange or distribution of psychedelic drugs.**

A large body of scientific evidence has shown that psychedelic substances are extraordinarily effective in treating a broad range of mental disorders. Furthermore they have a long tradition of serving as powerful catalysts for personal growth and well-being.

The Vienna Psychedelic Society aims to cultivate an open-minded approach to non-ordinary states of consciousness and their healing potential. We provide educational information and encourage thoughtful practices that focus on intention, preparation and integration.

Our community is a safe environment for individuals to raise questions, speak frankly and find help with the integration of psychedelic experiences. We offer access to an international network of experts in order to enable national research projects and charitable work.

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PSV - Stammtisch Psychedelic Meetup

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Bicycle Day and the History of LSD

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