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What we’re about

We are a local group devoted to the responsible education & use of psychedelics for spiritual growth. Our general mission is to provide information for spiritual growth through the use of entheogens, with an emphasis on the mental health, hospice care, addiction recovery and PTSD community.
Group meetings consist of presentations, speakers, and movie/book reviews. Group discussions involve the processing and integration of insights gained from the psychedelic experience.

This is a new group to Omaha (founded July 2019), modeled after other Psychedelic Societies in bigger cities (e.g. San Francisco & Minneapolis). As the group grows & matures, the rules of conduct may change. 

This is NOT a venue to discuss the buying or selling of illegal drugs. Any members caught doing so will be banned.

Our meeting places/venues are safe spaces. Respect the confidentiality of the group. Do not discuss information shared by other members outside of the group.

If you are planning on attending a meeting for the first time, please read this article