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Psychedelics and the Future of Psychiatry initially started as a Journal Club of sorts, open to the public to learn in a group environment about cutting edge research on psychedelic medicine.

Over time we have branched out as reading research has been surprisingly limiting. What is needed both in the medical field and in society in general, is a greater understanding for not only psychedelic medicine and the navigation of non-ordinary states of consciousness, but rather to introduce the public, both professional and lay individuals alike to the fact that these realms exist and they seem to hold great potential for deep healing and growth for all of humanity.

Thus, we now engage in a combination of readings, movie screenings, lectures, and anything else that seems relevant to non-ordinary states. We pair the subject matter with a short 20-30 min overview of the material and still engage in a group conversation to learn together what it means and how it might be applicable in helping those struggling with mental illness, as well as how it might play a role in our daily lives.

While we strive to keep the conversations fairly academic, it is our goal to create a platform that anyone can participate in regardless of your education level, as these topics are really ones of what it means to be human and we as humans all have valid points of view that need to be considered.

So please join us, either in person, or virtually, and let your voice be heard in this conversation. If enough voices chime in, then the hope is that our collective "Yop!" will spread and we will be able to enlighten more of society together.

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The Current Scientific State of Psychedelic Drug Research - Then and Now

Hey Everybody, I know there has been clamorings for the event this month and true to form, plans have changed a few times, but I think I have a great topic which will spark much conversation. The theme: The Current Scientific State of Psychedelic Drug Research - Then and Now I found this rare gem of a transcript from psychedelic researcher Sanford Unger at the Betsy Gordon archive at Purdue University. This talk was given way back in 1964, but I think you will see that the themes and struggles in psychedelic research back then tend to mirror some of what is going on now. Here's a link to the article: https://ln.sync.com/dl/6c81fd390/hbgubsdy-5vs78nvw-jdkt4x3b-cxbzme2q Citation: "The Current Scientific State of Psychedelic Drug Research", 1964, Sanford Unger papers, MSP 64, Box 1, Folder 1:Purdue University Archives & Special Collections. Hope to see you all there, Matt While it is great to continue providing this free service, help is always needed. If you would like to be more involved, please consider reaching out to one of the organizers through the meetup app or by filling out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/SCSctmW546nOqhxB3 For those looking to provide financial support: Donate with Debit/Credit Card here: https://secure.meetup.com/Psychedelics-And-The-Future-Of-Psychiatry/contribute/ Donate with Cryptocurrency here: https://gocps.net/65tlsmdtxa84ngxmlea3dkz7f/

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The Dark Side of Psychedelics - over-use and toxicology

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