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Women's Healing Clinic
WOMEN'S HEALING CLINIC Women's bodies vibrate at an extremely high energy level because creating a new body for a baby requires that much energy. Even when a woman is not pregnant, this intense female creative energy needs to be running smoothly for her to stay healthy and be productive. Come to the Women's Energy Healing Clinic and receive a reading/healing of your female energy. You will also learn some psychic tools for releasing foreign energy and healing yourself. If you are trying to get pregnant, or already pregnant, these healings can provide spiritual information for taking care of yourself and your baby. This is a free event (donations are appreciated, but not obligatory).

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Psychic Awakenings

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You already are sensitive, intuitive and psychic! If you have had interesting or unusual psychic experiences please come find some answers and meaning. We can look clairvoyantly to give you more information about your psychic abilities and experiences. Whether you are newly curious, or a professional reader and healer already, we invite you to come explore your spiritual abilities in our Meetup group. On the second Monday, we have a Women's Healing Clinic (free, donations accepted). The third Monday is our Spiritual Healing Clinic (free, donations accepted). On Sunday mornings we offer our Sunday Refresh! Meditation Hour. We offer a variety of workshops ($35) on some Monday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

At the Spiritual Healing Clinics, come get a cleansing of your aura and chakras. You don’t have to have anything “wrong” with you to receive a healing. A healing consists of using spirit guides to help you release everyone else’s opinions, demands and expectations out of your space. If you already do healing work, come share your style of healing with us. In addition to aura and chakra healings, we can help you with healings on your relationships, family and job. Sometime we will even offer a Healing Clinic for pets!

At the workshops, one of our teachers usually gives a guided meditation for helping you to more fully inhabit your body and heal yourself physically and spiritually. The evening also includes time for chatting/sharing about your meditation/healing experiences, and refreshments.

Psychic Awakenings provides a safe, nurturing environment for opening up your psychic gifts. There is always plenty of laughter as we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Doing psychic readings, healings and meditations leads to much personal growth as your understanding of your true spiritual nature unfolds.

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