Mudras: Elegant, Mysterious and Healing

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We are located in The Blue House at the corner of Warren and Roy. Walk right in!

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Mudras are symbolic hand gestures with powerful self-healing capabilities. Usually we run energy out of our hands to heal other people. But by using hand mudras, you direct the energy to heal yourself. The various positions and gestures send healing impulses up the nerves from your hands to your brain, and then from your brain through your nervous system to all over your body.

With their many bones and joints, your fingers have the greatest positioning capability of your whole body. When you place your fingers in intricate positions, you stimulate your flow of vital energy in unique ways which affect your organs, glands and nerves. By activating your ten fingers through the practice of hand mudras, you are able to access a greater potential for self-healing and self-realization.

In this workshop we will:
1) Explore how to use mudras to heal ourselves spiritually, emotionally and physically;
2) Practice with mudras to reach altered states of consciousness;
3) Use mudras to enhance various states of being, such as compassion, wisdom and creativity and
4) Learn how to use hand reflexology for self-healing.

This workshop will be facilitated by Madeline Hartman, Director of Psychic Awakenings, and state certified reflexologist.

Suggested Donation Range: $20 to $35.

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