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Let's get together and grow spiritually! It is time to be surrounded by love.

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Everyone has intuitive abilities and sometimes they hide just below the surface or we ignore them. This meet up is designed to support those in developing and maintaining their psychic and intuitive abilities in a loving and supportive spiritual community. You do not have to explore this path alone.

Corinna provides a forum for free-thinking people to explore the unseen influences and little understood phenomena that are part of our world. Come and participate in a fun, creative, psychic community. Corinna is happy to share her experiences with you. We will have discussion time and work together to heighten intuitive abilities and practice using them. You will have opportunities to clear blockages that inhibit your psychic abilities, release fears and allow spiritual growth. We will eliminate old patterns that no longer serve you.

The group is about evolving and growing each person in the direction of happiness and joy. We will evolve with the group and individually. We will talk about awareness, living with intention and different metaphysical topics. Come and have fun and know that you are loved and supported on your spiritual journey!

Everyone is welcome. Cost to participate is $25. All walks of life are honored and accepted.