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This group was developed for those who are interested in enhancing their intuitive nature,and connecting with their spiritual life force through meditation and other means. We are seeking people who are interested in psychic and medium development,natural law, inner peace,meditation,spirit communication,healing,Native American studies and universal energy. As well as Green building and community building projects and retreats.

I am a professional psychic medium and have been teaching these skills and other esoteric teachings for the past 15 years. I want to share my knowledge and energy with the group, and learn from others as well.

Cassadaga is known for being a Psychic Medium town since the 18th century. It was settled here because of the incredible energy in the area. This energy can be measured via magnetic instruments.
These centers are most commonly called an energy vortex much like the ones in Sedona Arizona. These energy centers help the psychics who practice here to connect with other dimensions. There is an incredible energy vortex on the property where we will hold our meet-up, come check it out. Beginners Welcome.

Many Blessings, Pastor Peter Kennell

Founder and Principle Stone Carrier of The Native American Church of Spirit Talks

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Communicating With Spirit Guides and Angels

Soul Needs


Please note Cash, Credit, or Debit. No Venmo. This Workshop is designed to help you connect and get to know your Angels and Spirit Guides. Answering the question who are they really? And how do we develop a relationship with them? We will have a group discussion about angels and guides. Then Pastor Peter will teach techniques on how to communicate with them. Additionally, if anyone wants to share their stories about past Angelic interventions or synchronicities in their lives, there will also be an opportunity to share your experiences. We will then do a meditation and raise the vibration so communication with this energy can be established. If anyone needs assistance connecting with your Angels or Guides, Pastor Peter will bring that message to you. Ultimately, Universal Godly guidance is something most people desire but have difficulty achieving with confidence. This workshop is designed to teach you how to become aware of the spirit realm around you and how to better your life through this guidance. So, join us to receive your guidance and build a confident relationship with these heavenly spiritual beings, who’s ultimate desire is to assist us with our journey here on earth!
Many Blessings and wishing Spiritual guidance upon you. Namaste


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Psychic Medium - Connections Meetup&Socialize Hosted by Native American Church

Cassadaga Florida Psychic Medium Center