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The Psychic Way is a sacred space to develop your natural psychic and healing gifts, and to help create a new way of life that incorporates your higher consciousness. As we become more aware of our inner strengths and gifts, it is important to have spiritual support, positive feedback, acceptance and kinship, and a place to practice and expand our natural abilities. The Psychic Way is an open group, where discussion and hands-on practice lead to new understandings of the practical world as well as the spiritual worlds, and many methods, ancient and modern, to identify our diverse abilities and allow them to grow and evolve for our highest good.

Currently, the Psychic Way is facilitated by Grendl. Grendl has been a professional Psychic Tarot consultant and Palm reader for more than 20 years. She also has spent much of her life delving into the mysteries of the ancients and the philosophies of the modern spiritual teachers. Join us for regular meetups to learn from Grendl and occasional guests, and gain confidence and understanding of how to bring your special talents and knowledge to others.

Many of the current activities include workshops and classes at the new Metaphyscial Matrix(formerly Centerpont Body Mind and Spirit) location, presented by professional psychics, practitioners and Lightworkers. Come join us!


Upcoming events (5+)

Mass Healing. Hands on with Master Toledo

Centerpoint Body Mind And Spirit

This is time tested, as he offers the “Supernatural Healing Energy “ to “Heal the Incurables” on a Mass Scale. If God wants you Healed, you will be in his Hands using Master Toledo as his Tool. Had enough of the Medical Fields CT Scan, MRI, Blood work, all kinds of Medicine that just don’t make you feel better? The Doctors give up on you and Pills are the only solution they have to offer? “Supernatural Healing Energy” overrides “Natural Energy” that is composed of Illness. It is that Simple. $99

Basic Wire Wrapping with Crystals

Centerpoint Body Mind And Spirit

Are you attracted to crystals and natural stones? Learn about the vibrations of different stones for healing, protection and attracting prosperity and love while you craft your own wire wrapped stone with positive energy! This activity is available on a walk-in basis, join in the beading circle anytime. $30/includes supplies for making one pendant or pendulum

Open the Third Eye with Master Toledo

Centerpoint Body Mind And Spirit

Have some fun! This "Opening" will help change your Life. Come join the group as Master Toledo teaches the Principles of being a Psychic See'r and sends Transmission of “Violet Flame” Energy to your Pineal Gland to: “Open your Third Eye” Imagine your Mind is a piece of wood with a knothole in the center. This knothole represents your “Third Eye”. As it is closed in the wood, so it is closed in the Mind. A burst of “Violet Flame” will knock out the knothole so now you can have Psychic thoughts come thru as well as regular thoughts. You will learn to know the difference between the two thoughts. Next you will practice Psychometry, which is the ability to tune into another vibration using an article, such as jewelry, of another individual. Everything you wear for a number of years carries with it your life history from birth. We will have a "Hands on Practice” holding your partners jewelry tuning into their Vibration and reading their past and present. You can prove to yourself that your "Third Eye" was "Opened" thru Transmission, as you partner will verify the information you see! $44 per person Master Toledo at Ph. [masked]http://www.innerselfcenter.com

Centerpoint Sunday Healing and Psychic Fair

Centerpoint Body Mind And Spirit

Houston's longest running Psychic and Healing Expo brings to you new and exciting way to get answers and relief from your stress. We also have Tea Leaf readings, Soul Oracle readings, Palmistry, Runes and Tarot card readings, all starting at $20/20 minutes. More fabulous ways to de-stress are Reiki, Trigger Point Reflexology, Massage and Biofeedback. We have different modalities every Sunday, and the last Sunday of the month is our Free Healing Fair, where a few of our healers are available for healing and taking love offerings. These healing practitioners will clear old patterns and create new pathways to healing, whether you choose Reiki, Reflexology or Massage! You will find a table loaded with yummy snacks, hot coffee and icy fruity lemonade, too! And the best guacamole by Grendl will tempt your taste buds! Keep your lunch light!

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