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This Meetup actually replaces the former “Psychics & Mediums in Langley/Surrey Meetup”. It is meant to create a community of Psychics and Mediums that gather, learn & study together for the purposes of development and community. It is for beginners to intermediate levels, to further develop your abilities, teach you how to protect and ground yourself, plus, we will meditate to access your Psychic Room and meet your Spirit Guides, and that’s just unit one.

We are a warm, caring, non-judgmental group and All are welcome, however, Please RSVP, as this is a private residence.

IF you’ve never been before, I encourage you to come, meet myself, and the other regular members that attend each biweekly Meetup. We are a compassionate group of people who are quite down to earth, kind, eclectic and fun.

On to what we do at our Meetups...

Developing your abilities means to first discover which abilities you have naturally, then to do certain exercises with a partner or as a group to strengthen them along with developing the abilities that don’t come naturally to you in the beginning.

Furthermore, if you feel drawn to a group like ours, you don’t necessarily need to understand much about your abilities to attend.

You will learn about what abilities there are, how they can work for you, and then discover which ones you actually have just by attending and asking a few questions, when you’re ready to do so.

We explore these abilities, learn what they are called, and how you may be receiving information while never realizing that these are actually Psychic abilities.

If you already know that you have abilities, but don’t have a lot of answers to questions you’ve had over the last few years, perhaps many years, you can have those questions answered simply by coming to see us.

We are also starting on exercises that will enable and strengthen Clairvoyance and Telepathy and much more!

We will be meditating for a short while every time we gather, so please wear comfortable clothing. You do not have to participate in the meditation, however, this is part of learning how to protect yourself, as well as, how you will meet your Spirit Guide(s), so it is recommended.

This is the place to start your own personal journey, whether you chose to come meet with us biweekly on Wednesday nights, or you wish to attend something much more private (send me a message).

Additionally, it is a safe and secure space to find camaraderie, answers, friendship and more!

Contact me, Christine Marie, at the following:

Email: PsychicsMediumsDevelopment@Gmail.com

Facebook: @psychicsmediumsdevelopment

FB Messenger: m.me/PsychicsMediumsDevelopment

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