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On experiencing Venus retrograde
Please, change your RSVP with time if you are NOT coming! Thanks!!!! My dear Beauties, In the session of yesterday, the theme of Venus soon going retrograde from 10 degrees Scorpio till 25 degrees Libra, has stimulated me to use this and the following MeetUp reunions as an opportunity to share the ways in which each of us experiencing this Venus retrograde personally and to use those experiences to learn the correlations of that transit on our personal charts. Be ready to open up and share. Bring your chart printed, so that all of us can take a look at it and always an open mind and heart to share and listen with love. To get an idea of the archetypes related to Venus retrograde you can read this article which I found very clarifying: You can do your chart in create a profile in My Astro, then go to adding birth data, where you add your information and then just go for the "extended chart selection", "Natal chart wheel" and at the botom in the item "Display and calculation options" mark in the point Aspects the item "To all objects" and then go to your chart and print it. See you in this wonderful new trip that we´re approaching with these new meetings. A warm hug, Jennié

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