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What we're about

Let's have a beer and talk politics!

I hope to meet up at a different bar once a week to discuss local, national, and global issues. Topics might include immigration, social welfare, diplomacy, gentrification, gun control, religion, homelessness, economics, mass incarceration, healthcare. Though we will start each meetup with a single topic, let's not be too restrictive. If you have an interesting tangent, speak up!

This group is for Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, radicals and independents. I guarantee we will disagree. But we will also be respectful of all persons and opinions. We are here to share, learn, and enjoy each others company.

Shout out to Brendan O'Brien for the idea (https://www.meetup.com/Flagstaff-Pub-Politics/). One of his best. Cheers brother!

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