What we're about

We are a new meet up to Chicago, starting up a monthly public discussion at The Red Lion Pub (Near the Rockwell Brown-line) that brings people of all kinds together to dialogue over topics that matter to everyone. By bringing people face to face in intelligent public discussion, we seek to explore each other’s views, raise the bar on public debate and discussion, and lead the way in fostering civility and respect in all things. We strive to be a place where people with divergent political/social/religious/ethical views actually meet in person and engage over issues.

We only have 4 rules:

1. Respect everyone and their views, even if you don't agree.

2. All honest questions are acceptable.

3. Listen to and really hear those sharing their opinions.

4. Discuss the topic, not the person. No personal attacks.

Come join an open discussion of a topic over a delicious beer. We think we can make Chicago a little better of a place if we help people realize everyone, no matter who they are or where they came from, is worthy of respect. The beauty of these public discussions is we aren’t engaging with everyone who thinks the same way.

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Past events (21)

Original Sin: Jewish, Christian, and secular perspectives.

The Red Lion (Lincoln Square)

Revisiting separation of church and state

The Red Lion (Lincoln Square)

Animal Rights: Moral imperative or irrational thinking?

The Red Lion (Lincoln Square)