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We are about :

Public Speaking

Confidence Building

Networking with Like minded people

Communication Skills

Presentation Skills

Soft Skills

Self Improvement for Success

English Language Enhancement & Polishing

Personal & Professional Development & Growth

Positive outlook towards life

Psychology of the mind

Creativity & Art

Helping Others

Writing Skills


for IT, MNC folks



in Pune

We also love languages including English.

Here's an opportunity to practice English Conversation Skills, Communication & Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Voice Projection, Etiquette, Story telling plus even things like Poetry, Reading, Writing skills & more.

With all the stress of city living we certainly need MEDITATION and have included that as well.

So if you wanna improve, practice or even show off your existing English Speaking Skills, or Develop Personality Skills...

Join us! Improve yourself & help improve others.

Great for Expats, IT, MNC folks, Professionals, Students, Engineers, designers and everybody else who is looking for practice, more skills & polish. Come ahead & Speak up, Make Friends, Influence others in English......Be BOLD!

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Meditation, Stress Release


ALL OUT PUBLIC SPEAKING : Public Speaking Practice, Impromptu

Friends Paradise, Off JM Road

Finally, LOADS of Public Speaking You will get plenty of time to : Be on stage Make connections with the audience Impress them Each person will get multiple opportunities to be on stage. * Feel free to prepare a couple of speeches No charges for this event . See you

SELF ESTEEM - FOUNDATION - The backbone of our SUCCESS in Life + Public Speaking

Self Esteem - these two words have so much significance, that is beyond our imagination. SELF ESTEEM - May be hidden but is the FOUNDATION of our being, our existence. It affects our relationships with others & ourselves too. The very CORE of our being, Self Esteem, if healthy, promises a healthy life. Being busy with work, business & other distractions, if Poor Self Esteem issues are not addressed, we still feel a sense of emptiness, hollowness even if we have achieved so much. Lets look at it in detail & how to develop a HEALTHY Self Esteem. Plus Public Speaking, Presentations, Group Discussions & more.

MASTERCLASS : CREATIVITY - importance Applications, Exercises + Public Speaking

MASTERCLASS SERIES : CREATIVITY - So important for our self development as well as enjoying Life, Relationships, Work & more. Our experts will take you through a little journey in creativity. Creativity can lead to : fulfilling lives as it generates ideas for problem solving, having more fun as well as more success. One of the core human needs is VARIETY. Creativity can be such a great tool towards meeting that need of ours. Plus: Public Speaking Confidence on stage Tricks See you ON stage

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How To Speak Error-free English

Friends Paradise, Off JM Road

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