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A friendly practice group in Cambridge for both native and non-native English speakers wanting to improve their public speaking skills and confidence. Everyone faces their own challenges here and so there’s no minumum language requirements here. Sessions are structured similar to Toastmasters so that everyone can have a try and progress in their own way. However, the location is fairly informal e.g. in a pub to allow for a social mixing aspect too.

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Structured public speaking practice in a pub

The Regal Wetherspoon

A structured but informal and friendly public speaking meetup aimed at both native and non-native English-English speakers (whatever your level of English). Everyone gets a time to challenge themselves in whatever ways they personally need to with no interruption and an accommodating, patient and supportive atmosphere. The structure of the event means everyone gets constructive feedback on their speaking and there's a chance to ask each other questions on the topics spoken about too. Please RSVP on here, then join us at the pub. Grab yourself a drink or food as you wish and the meeting will commence at 6:45pm. Roles will be distributed to those who volunteer. I’ll probably be the chairperson just for this first one and then gladly offer out the role at future meetings. Actual meeting length: 60minutes (may be extended to 90 minutes if there are enough attendees. Meeting Agenda (subject to change according to numbers present): 6:45 - Welcome and the Chairperson introduces the Time Master, the Keep Talking Master, the Language Errors Master, the Erm Master (see below), and the General Assessor​ 6:50 - Main Speeches Speaker 1​ (3 minutes) Speaker 2 (3 minutes) Speaker 3 ((3 minutes) Evaluation 7:05 - Keep Talking! (mini speeches) Talk about a subject spontaneously for 1.5 minutes. The topic is given to you on a piece of paper by the Keep Talking Master. 7:25​ - Question time Open floor for anyone who wants to ask other speakers questions to find out more about what they said in their speeches. 7:35 Master's reports The Keep Talking Master, the Language Errors Master, the 'Errrm' Master, and the General Assessor​ give their assessments on speakers' performances. 7.45 Close Note: the purpose of the Erm Master is to listen for overused words or thinking, filler sounds e.g. 'erm'.

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