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IPS - Impromptu Public Speaking Workshop
FREE FOR FIRST TIMERS!! Send an email with subject: IPS. Full name and email to [masked] Are you interested in becoming a confident and natural public speaker? Want to be able to speak freely about any topic? Come along and speak on the spot! IImpromptu Public Speaking is speaking on the spot, without prior knowledge of the topic, with the confidence of a thousand hours of preparation! REGULAR PRACTICE OF PUBLIC SPEAKING WILL MAKE YOU: - APPEAR CONFIDENT - SOUND AUTHENTIC - QUICKER THINKING ON YOUR FEET - A CONVERSATIONAL SUPER HERO There will be exercises where we will guide you to speak with no rules, no time to prepare and still come up with something interesting! We will have the opportunity to practice so that you can see your improvement instantly after receiving direct constructive feedback. IF YOU WANT TO: - Learn the basics of public speaking, such as body language, tone of voice, eye contact, etc - Learn to look and sound confident while presenting - How to tell stories interestingly - Eliminate stresful fear of speaking in public - Be more creative, fun and natural - Managing sudden, unexpected and uncomfortable questions in a meeting, presentations or talks. - Deal with blank moments in your head - Conquer awkward silence - Express yourself authentically anytime all the time People say that regular practice of Impromptu Speaking will help you to communicate freely. "Being able to Impromptu chat about a creative work/idea/skill is a critical opportunity-generating ability which often makes a big difference in getting artwork included in exhibitions (and sold), landing book deals, picking up freelance work (e.g graphic artists) ... The list goes on.”- Thomas K. "I really enjoyed practicing impromptu public speaking in a safe environment - with a friendly group. Nerea's teaching style and infectious passion for self development is inspiring." - Will M. Eventbrite Exclusive Price: £19.00 Let's perfom! It's fun! Exclusive Price for Meetup: £19 You can also book x5 sessions for £80 (saving £15) ***FREE GIFT for attendees!*** 1 to 1 Coaching Consultation (Priced £250) PS: This workshop was created in 2015 by Nerea Carryon and organised by The Happy World Company, now we have the pleasure to introduce you to one of the most amazing and fast growing speakers and upcoming Body Language Certified Trainer who has been attending and assisting Nerea's workshop for the past year who is now ready to rock Mayka Ortega will be running IPS at the Happy World Company to help you on your authentic speech. This will lead you to improve any social interactions, improve your creative speech skills or start building that muscle for pitching that is so necessary in that business environment. Let's perform! It's fun!

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Many people know the popular statistic that, in many countries, the fear of public speaking ranks higher than the fear of dying. Most people in the world believe that there is very little that can be done about it, but this is not true. A few brave people know that with some practice and a safe environment, and a willingness to put in some effort, anyone can overcome this fear and free themselves once and for all. Over the last two decades, many new techniques have been developed to help people conquer their fears more quickly and more easily than ever before.. Beyond the methods from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) from the eighties, there are also new psycho-sensory methods that have been developed based on the latest understandings from neuroscience and neurophysiology. Most of these very effective techniques are even less well known than the more established NLP and EFT processes. These sessions will introduce you to some of the 'classic methods' and also the latest and easiest ways to clear your fears (some are surprisingly simple and effective!); allowing you to be more relaxed on stage and able to confidently and clearly express your message with passion and ease, however far away that might seem to you right now. With the skills you will be learning, and some practice, the whole process can be quicker, smoother and most importantly, more enjoyable, as you will be able see noticeable progress in a much shorter time than the 'just face your fears' approach alone. Ultimately, this is about you finding the freedom to fully express your most natural YOU in all areas of your life. Come and join us for an hour of exploration, and learn how to melt your fears away.

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