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Pitch Training “Minute To Win It”

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Josh L. and Ferdinand V.
Pitch Training “Minute To Win It”


Learn how to effectively deliver and persuade in just one minute.

You’re at the office, you open PowerPoint and all eyes are pointed at you. Just like waking up after a bad dream, your presentation is suddenly over. Questions. Puzzled faces. Somehow, people didn’t “get it” and you forgot half of what you wanted to say. You didn’t convince. Your pay raise didn’t get approved. An important customer didn’t buy your idea. What went wrong?


Learning to speak in a persuasive way is an essential life skill that is rarely taught in schools. In this one day course limited to 8 participants we will give you the tools and mindset to turn your presentation at the office into a success and start reaching the results you want.


Josh Levent ( and Ferdinand Vogler ( are experienced speakers and communication trainers who have helped thousands of people communicate more clearly and persuasively.


“Ferdinand has a very competent, positive and energetic way of teaching. […] Still he respects fears and insecurities and knows how to motivate and support.”

“The individual coaching that Josh had with each of us was worth gold for me.”

“I have learned so much in three days and managed to do things that I was struggling with for months! I made a huge leap thanks to this course! I am very satisfied!”

“Ferdinand helped me to trust myself and showed me how to convince others to trust me too!”

“Josh and Ferdinand were able to create a safe space in the course which enabled us to try out things.”

“Josh asked me very precise and interesting questions and together we were able to construct a pitch with which I am very satisfied.”

“Josh and Ferdinand complement each other perfectly. It’s fun to take part in a training like this.”


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• At the end of this workshop you will have turned a topic into a clear and convincing story.

• You will get expert feedback on how to structure, present and let your target audience understand and believe what’s on your mind.

• Individual coaching on your content, voice and presence at your level, so you can immediately improve.

• It’s not only our word: you will get feedback from other participants in a guided format that will be useful for you.

• A healthy portion of courage and the good feeling of having tried something new.

• You’ll have a video recording of yourself speaking at the beginning and end of the workshop.

• Learn how to reduce your message to the essence and get people to take action.
Schanzenstrasse 4c
Schanzenstrasse 4c · Bern, BE
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