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What we’re about

Looking to improve your Communication and Leadership Skills, ace a job interview or improve your impromptu speaking skills?  Our meetup group inspired by Toastmasters International can help you achieve your goals.

What is Toastmasters?

Toastmasters is an internationally recognised club present in 116 countries with over 300.000 members.  It aims at providing a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills. Members gain self-confidence, ease of communication and personal growth through the meetings.

What can Toastmasters do for you? 

- Allow you to think and speak on your feet, through impromptu speaking
- Learn to prepare and deliver effective presentations in a 'safe' and supportive environment
- Learn to provide constructive and structured feedback
- Learn to successfully lead and energise meetings
- Networking
- Build self confidence when communicating in all areas of your life
- Listen more effectively

Our typical club meetings are made of up three sections:
Prepared manual speeches on self-selected topics designed to focus on specific speaking skills such as speech structure, gestures or vocal variety
Evaluations of the prepared speeches, as well as every role performed during the club meetings
Impromptu speaking, known as Table Topics

This is done through:
- Using time-tested methods to build speaking and leadership skills
- Focusing on areas of interest in our self-paced curriculum. The Competent Communication  manual covers 10 projects including: Icebreaker speech (talking about yourself), organizing your speech, getting to the point, using your body to communicte effectively, persuading with power and inspiring others.
- Receiving suggestions for improvement through constructive evaluation
There is enough for everyone to do in the club: be it presenting the speeches or taking up club roles, so join us in this amazing adventure !

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