What we're about

We are publishing professionals who will help you understand the ins and outs of the publishing world. It has changed a lot in the last decade. Good news: it’s easier than ever before to publish your work. Bad news: the process can be daunting and there are many choices (including big ol' Amazon, which is difficult to conquer). We are here to help you navigate this new terrain. So if you're feeling stuck, perplexed, or overwhelmed (or all of these), we can give you insights with our Meetup events, critiquing groups, and one-on-one coaching so you can finish your project. Come connect with us and other writers to GET IT DONE!

Join this Group if you:
- Have finished your ms and want to know what to do next.
- Are curious about the steps to publishing your work.
- Have a kernel of an idea for a book and want to get started.
- Are a published author and want to increase your sales.
- Want to hang out with like-minded people on a Saturday afternoon.

Susan Shankin: I'm a successful book publisher, creative director, and designer who can turn your manuscript into a high-quality book that reflects your sensibilities and connects your message to your audience. With over 25 years of experience, I'm passionate about ideas, writing, and effective design and marketing to increase your book’s visibility. I guide authors from concept to finished product and ongoing marketing. I love swing dancing, night walks in the desert, uncontrollable laughter and a margarita (on the rocks, no salt).

Susan Peters: I'm an editor and writer who has worked with book publishers, advertising agencies, newspapers, and corporate headquarters for Fortune 500 retail product and health insurance companies. My experience includes creative collaboration, art direction, managing editorship, project management, branding, social media content and planning, and corporate communications. Writing and helping other authors is my professional passion! I love animation art, bright colors, British TV, sea creatures, welding, fixing things, and a nice gin drink.

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