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Pueblo Freethinkers (PF) is a Secular Humanist community that includes those of us who are nonbelievers but also those who do not want to label themselves. Some identify as atheists, skeptics, agnostics, or think there might be some kind of a force or intelligence but just don't know. Others think it doesn't matter whether or not there is a god. We're not militant; we don't believe in shaming or vilifying those who believe in a god or gods.

The focus of our efforts is to exchange ideas through intellectual discussion about a wide range of topics, using science, logic, and reason, rather than the supernatural, to gain knowledge or come to conclusions. We host discussion meetings twice a month with a live speaker or video. Freethinkers also enjoy social activities, hosting events, and networking with other like-minded individuals and groups.

Pueblo Freethinkers share values such as honesty, integrity, equality, and more. We believe in being fair, just, and kind to all.

In addition, we look for ways to improve our community and society at large. Most of us are involved independently in social justice and political causes (universal health care, protecting the environment, civil rights, Move to Amend etc.), but we work on some efforts as a group so that PF will help influence positive change.

Pueblo Freethinkers is a chapter of the American Humanist Association. Please contact us: pueblofreethinkers@yahoo.com and see pueblofreethinkers.com and americanhumanist.org for more information. Our message phone for call or text is 719.924.5141.

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