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Welcome to the Puget Sound Men’s Health Community! The goals of this social group are to facilitate: 1) activities, events and networks that promote men’s health, 2) opportunities to engage men and their families on key health issues that affect them across their lifespan, and 3) a community presence for the UW Medicine Men’s Health Center.

The group is open to all people and genders, aged 18+, who want to be part of a community participating in building health and longevity for its members.

Events occur quarterly or more often, are varied, and are family friendly. Some will be health promoting and activity based--a hike, golf, a walk, bike; some will be more casual--brewery meetups; and some will be more educational and service oriented--Lunch and Learns, Movember events, Men’s Health Events in June. All will be fun, and connect guys and their families to helpful activities, networks and resources for improving men’s health. What’s not to like? Join us!

Some folks might ask: Why the focus on men? They seem a privileged group, why do they need a community? Short answer: In the U.S. (and lots of other places in the world), men die, on average, 7 years before women, and mortality is higher in males than in females at nearly all ages of the lifespan. Despite this scientific evidence, men’s health needs often get lost in the face of so many other pressing health needs. And to further complicate things, men, for a variety of reasons, can be less inclined to look after their own health. Hence, we’re building a community gateway to help guys access health related resources and tips and tools to maintain their general health.

Join the group and you can hear more about this, and other issues relevant to men’s health, for example, resources for after prostate, bladder, or testicular cancer treatment, or for fertility problems, or the latest news on other guy-specific health issues. Link to networks to talk to other guys who’ve had challenging health issues. Or, just contribute your support and time for men’s health by being a member of our group--participate, network, learn, raise awareness, and have fun at our activities!

Organizers of this MeetUp Group are the Outreach Committee for the UW Medicine Men’s Health Council. We are a small group of passionate volunteers dedicated to helping inform and engage the public about men’s health issues. We all have histories with, and stories about, working for men’s health. Our mission is to improve the quality and quantity of life for guys by creating a community that connects them and their family and friends, to activities, networks and resources for health in the Puget Sound region, including education and support resources available through UW Medicine.

Please note:
1) This meetup group does not provide specific medical cures, advice or diagnosis.
2) This meetup group is not a fund-raising or marketing entity for the UW Medicine Men’s Health Center. However, if we inspire you to contribute to our efforts, we can certainly put you in touch with the appropriate person within our Council.

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(M)Ales for Health

Flatstick Pub - South Lake Union

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