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Pumping Station: One is Chicago's oldest and largest hackerspace at 3519 N. Elston Ave. We're a community of artists, software developers, electrical engineers, machinists, woodworkers welders, knitters and anything else you can imagine. Our members are passionate about making new things, fixing old things, learning about everything under the sun and teaching others.

Many of our classes and workshops are open to the public, and if you've ever been interested in making things (any things!) please join us and jump right in.

There is an open house on Tuesday evenings around 8 pm. Come for the start of the member meeting, introduce yourself, then one of the members will volunteer to give a tour for non-members.

Upcoming events (5+)

Analog Game Night!

Pumping Station One: Lounge

Have a favorite game you want to play with your PS1 friends? Maybe you just got a new dice set or 3D printed minifig that you want to show off to some gamer nerds. well, PS1 Analog Game night is the place to do it! Bring your favorite games, anything from D&D to checkers is welcome! Homemade games are especially encouraged! Bring some pizza or your favorite beer and play some awesome games with even more awesome people! This is a free event, open to everyone, so appropriate behavior, everybody! Starts at 5 pm and goes until you feel like heading home!

Shopbot Auth Part 2 with David E

Pumping Station: One

• What we'll do For PS1 members only who have been through the Part 1 authorization, as well as those current authorized users looking for a refresher. We'll meet at the ShopBot and run through controls, settings, cutter setup, and machine a simple part. The first ten minutes are spent cleaning up the woodshop. • Important to know This auth is limited to three people at at time.

Small Metals Office Hours

Pumping Station: One

Take a walk on the non-ferrous side of metals! Come work on projects and hang out with other 'smiths.

Orientation to PS1

Pumping Station One: Lounge

Are you new around here or interested in learning about PS:One? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that... and you’re hardly alone. PS:One has seen explosive growth recently, and we’ve decided to create a formal way of teaching new folk how to be a healthy, happy member of the PS:One community. Meet with PS:One old-timers (including at least one former president) to learn the many opportunities available to PS:One members, plus hacks for getting around easier. You’ll learn: the one and only rule you need to remember at PS:One! what mailing lists and IRC channels you should join how to get discounts on classes, tee-shirts, stuff around town, and even monthly dues! how to get certified on equipment how to bring new equipment into PS:One how to create a class, event, group, meeting, or what have you how to request a class, event, group, whatever how to blog the wiki. do-ocracy and how to do-ocratize things

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Python Office Hours

Pumping Station One: Lounge

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