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Change, both technological and cultural, is occurring faster than ever before. As a result, companies are turning to agile for ideas to innovate, reduce costs, and remain relevant in a changing market.

Business agility embraces change. It changes how you think, how you work and the way you interact with people.

We address these in our monthly meetups through talks, workshops, and experience reports to stay abreast with these changing market needs.

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Reimagining Agility with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Online event

The event is a panel discussion based on the findings from the BAI (Business Agility Institute) research report on 'Reimagining Agility with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion'. It explores the intersection between agile, business agility, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I).

This report finds that DE&I and agile share common values and principles. When these values align within an organisation, they improve working conditions and business outcomes. However, these opportunities are being overlooked by agile teams, leaders, organisations and industry bodies alike.

The panelists shall reflect on empirical data collected from multiple organisations and individuals across the globe to provide recommendations on ways to harness the power of DEI in agile organisations. The participants will benefit from developing a holistic perspective of the field as well as gaining actionable insights which can be implemented in work settings.

About the panelists
Tina Vinod - Global Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at ThoughtWorks

Ashay Saxena - Business Transformation Consultant at IBM and a contributor to the BAI DE&I report

Nilesh Kulkarni - Transformation Lead at ThoughtWorks

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