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“We have not inherited the Earth from our parents; we have borrowed it from our children.”

— International Union for the Conservation of Nature, World Conservation Strategy

— Uttered firstly by: Wendell Berry (American novelist, poet, environmental activist, cultural critic, and farmer)

We live in an era of cosmopolitan citizenship, with a consistent trend and migration towards cities and to its urban lifestyle. We try to adapt to its pace and a far higher level of consumption habits. Dreams and perceptions of tomorrow are the vantage point for today. We probably are the most curious, cultivated and cultured kind existing in this known universe today. Our home, Earth; may be the only habitable planet known to us in this universe and mother earth’s most complex and supportive atmosphere is the only reason we exist. We knowingly or unknowingly replicated in ourselves this same complexity our Mother Nature or its climate carried. In a nutshell we are the nature and probably the lone saviours of it, today.

Our complex nature has derived so many classes of devices to sustain the internal competition and differences. Progress of neo sciences, processes and technologies is flourishing across the earth to ensure lastingness of our species. Being enablers from evolutionary, we now crumble from nature, our progress in certain sensitive but vital areas is harming the souls of very soil, water and air we depend on, for our survival. The paradoxical school of thought has always promoted the selection of either, progress or preservation. Project “Green & Blue” is a platform to provoke the needed equilibrium to progress and preservation, both. We may (and can) call it a Think-tank on sustainable progress.

Green & Blue

It is an eco-commercial platform to support the climate change mitigation policies, cleantech developments, clean energy ideas, resources sustainability, carbon markets and environmental finance. Project “Green & Blue” is going to be one platform of its kind to derive, design and develop project essentials, resources, policy, risk valuation and funding for the climate sensitive movements. Under the ambit of Maytra Noesis Advisors, PLC (Maytra Advisory) and Kshroum Capital Ventures, PLC (Kshroum Ventures), this will be India’s first clean development mechanism, clean energy policy and environmental finance Think-tank being established in Pune, India; partnering with various Global Universities & Institutions, Developmental Multilateral Agencies and Experts, working on Climate Change. This Think-tank will enlighten the way ahead to focussed projects, ideas and entrepreneurs with the collective fund of $ 300 Million, in next 3 years.

Please join us in this ever seen harmonic convergence of intelligence, technology and morality; to gift a more habitable "Tomorrow" to our coming generations.

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ITS with Deep learning and Networks 2

Pagdandi,Pashan link road, Baner

ITS with Deep learning and Networks

Pagdandi,Pashan link road, Baner

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