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Do you often find yourself contemplating the plight of the people at the bottom of the pyramid? Do you feel heart-wrenchingly bad for the children on the streets? Are filled with guilt seeing old or unwell people begging? Do you worry about the environment? Do you feel like fixing the traffic in Pune once and for all? Do you worry about the toxic world we have created for ourselves and our children and would like to switch to a more conscientious and sustainable way of living?Do you want to contribute to community building but don't know how because there are too many problems to solve and it all seems so overwhelming?

I moved to Pune about 4 years ago and have been living in Viman Nagar ever since. Every day on my way to work and back or while walking around the area I get reminded of my privilege. My heart goes out to all the kids on the streets, the sick woman with a tumour on her back or the man with no legs begging outside the mall or at the traffic signal. I get frustrated with the gridlocks at various intersections and feel terrible at the plight of the mula mutha river. I contemplate on how to reduce all the plastic waste I generate.

If you find yourself contemplating the same things then let's meet and find solutions to these issues together. Let's start small. If we can make a change within the area we live in that would be a big first win and serve as an encouragement to go big.

Please let friends and family know about this who may not be familiar with meetup so that they can come together as well.

If this meetup gathers enough members, I'll organise our first in-person meetup soon.

Please feel free to reach out with thoughts, suggestions and ideas.

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Good Samaritans: Zero Waste Workshop

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