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This is a group for anyone interested in using Java as their primary programming language in a professional setting. All skill levels are welcome. We aim to leverage the know-how and experience of industry veterans to take everyones Java programming skills to the next level. We will explore topics of relevance in great depth - these will range from language/runtime features to important frameworks/libraries/products from the Java ecosystem. There will always be an emphasis on hands-on programming and learning through real-world examples. Looking forward to meet and expand this network of Java enthusiasts in Pune.

We hope you will find this channel useful for all your Java endeavours.

As with any successful Meetup, our group needs structure in order to perform to the best of its ability. Members and/or Organizers who break the Rules & Code of Conduct may be suspended or removed from our group with or without advance notice.

Our Rules & Code of Conduct -

1. Please keep your RSVPs current. We do actually put time and dedication into our Meetups, and it is very disappointing to see people reserve seats and not turn up, with no indication of their change of plans. We prefer cancellations to occur a minimum of 12-24 hours in advance. By doing so, this will respectfully give your rsvp replacement adequate time to prepare and plan for the Meetup. We never want to leave a person on the waiting list because you were not able to fill the seat we reserved for you.

2. Please research the Meetup topic before RSVPing to ensure you can obtain maximum benefit from any session. This is your responsibility not ours, although we will be more than happy to answer your questions upfront and help you determine whether the Meetup makes sense for you. If you have any questions, please be vocal on the event listing!

3. We will define No-Shows as members who have RSVPed for any event, and haven't turned up without informing us. We have a strict policy around No-Shows. A couple of No-shows against your name and you will be barred from this group.

4. For paid events, yes you can pay on the spot via cash/card. All paid events will clearly mention the event fees. Please double-check before RSVPing for a paid event whether the fees are acceptable to you.

5. We do not tolerate bad attitudes or opinions that could be hurtful or offensive to our members. You must treat every single person in the group politely and respectfully at all times.

Thats it! Hope all of you have a pleasant experience participating in our Meetups!

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