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Connected World in android - Local data sharing and service discovery

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With the boom of IOT, BLE (Bluetooth low energy) and other connected devices and protocols, android app development is no longer limited to basic client server interaction. Android app development now includes interaction with other devices (not necessarily android) in the vicinity, at its very core.

Transferring files with friends without internet, Bluetooth and WiFi; streaming media from your phone or tablet to dumb plain TV (without HDMI cables) and switching off bedroom light with phone have become part of our lives. Let's explore how it's done and where do we need to start to kick start such projects.

In this session we will explore:

• Communication between connected and non-connected android devices.

• BLE overview (Bluetooth Low Energy).

• BLE APIs you should know about.

• WiFi-Direct and P2P.

• WiFi-Direct service discovery.

• Network service discovery (NSD) and relevant demos

Join us on 11th September 2016. Open Discussion will follow Post Session.