What we're about

Let's Make India a Space Country!

If you thought:
1. Space technology is far from anything I do
2. Space technology is interesting but too complex
3. Space technology is only for/about ISRO
4. I am curious about space technology but who should I discuss with?

We, as a group, see a big future for India in space technology. Already school and college students are working on related projects. This group can work together to gather the knowledge and resources to make space technology popular. Join the group if you have the above questions on your mind, or:

5. You are already working in a related field
6. You can help provide the resources required
7. ... or any such reason you can think of.

The group can have members as varied as technology buffs, writers, parents of school-going children, college students, school students (with parents), scientists, ham operators, and so on. There's so much to learn and share. Space technology includes almost all aspects of science. As humans are thinking of colonizing space, the relevance can be extended to all aspects of living. Which means it is relevant to whatever you do. :)

Rules for the Group

• RSVP is a commitment. Please don't say Yes and not show up.

• In case of emergencies, please update RSVP to No well in advance.

• RSVP will be closed one day prior to the meeting time.

• Until the meetings become regular, with enough participants, RSVP Yes should be confirmed to the organizer by comments in the meeting or any other means.

• Please come prepared to share knowledge, take initiatives on projects, or something else to make the group productive. Passive participation is not useful for anyone.

• Use the Meetup app for active discussions and meeting updates.

[Share suggestions for other rules. Rules will be updated as the need arises.]

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