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In recent years, JavaScript has attained the escape velocity to become the world's most popular programming language and it is definitely not coming down. With this pace of evolution, even the most veteran developers find it hard to keep up with the trends and technologies built on top of the language.

This meetup group is maintained and managed by rtCamp. This group aims to bring the fundamentals and updates about all things JavaScript in particular and Web Development in general through discussions, talks, and workshops.

You have an idea and you want to be a speaker? You're most welcome!

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Server Side Rendering with React: Connecting Next.js to WordPress

rtCamp Solutions Private Limited

SEO helps you to find new users and promote your brand on the top pages of search engines. In this free workshop, learn how Server Side Rendering ( SSR ) for React applications can help in SEO and increase your site's performance. And how to connect Next.js with WordPress. We will learn: 1 - Importance of SSR in JavaScript applications. 2 - How Next.js can make development super fun and easy. 3 - Connecting Next.js with WordPress using the WordPress REST API. 4 - Deploy your serverless application on a cloud platform. 5 - Fun Group Activity. By the end of the session you would be able to: 1. Create a front-end application in React using Next.js 2. Display your WordPress content like posts on React Application. 3. And Deploy your serverless application on a cloud platform for free by running simple commands. Prerequisites: - Basic knowledge of JavaScript and WordPress. - Pre-installed Node Js and WordPress. - Carry laptops if you would like to code along Useful Links: Learn React Basics https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD8nQCAhR3tQ7KXnvIk_v_SLK-Fb2y_k_ Wifi and Coffee - on the house

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React with WordPress - Workshop

rtCamp Solutions Private Limited

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