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### "The Power of Rack" by "Debasis Biswal"

### "Ruby: How GraphQL made my life simple" by "Abhay Nikam"

GraphQL was born at Facebook. GraphQL was built as a solution for most of the problem Facebook and we all face when using REST APIs. GraphQL has gained huge amount popularity and it seems like GraphQL would have a very good future. Today, most of the big renowned companies like GitHub, Airbnb, Netflix, Atlassian, and many more are adopting GraphQL.

In today talk, I would like to introduce everyone to GraphQL in Ruby on Rails. Discuss what problems REST APIs has and how GraphQL solves them. Talk would demo how that has helped us.

#### Description:

- Introduction to GraphQL.
- Problems of REST APIs and how GraphQL has solved them.
- Demo a simple Rails application with GraphQL and React.
- Discuss some problem we encountered in `graphql-ruby`
- Conclusion.