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Tired of paying membership dues or pricy admission fees to attend so called networking events where the majority of attendees are stuck up or belong to a click and do not even want to shake your hand? Over the last 10 years I have attending practically every type of a networking event one can imagine. The general consensus I have reached is that all of these groups (although they do good on many levels) are not focused on what I call PURE NETWORKING. Their focus is on raising funds, helping a cause, charging you membership, making a profit for themselves, etc. I have nothing against any of the aforementioned but I would LOVE to be part of one group which does not of the aforementioned. I do my share of charity work and belong to many organizations but this group is to be different. Each month or week (depending on the number of interested individuals) I will organize a FREE event. There will be no cover charge and the event will be such that you may attend and participate without spending a dollar or by purchasing whatever your heard desires (coffee, lunch, alcohol). There will be no dues, no obligations and no attendance rules. If the group grows we might have events with set costs but I PROMISE you that the cost of such events will be merely to cover the expense and you will get food or alcohol in exchange for that cost. The FOCUST of every event I organize is and shall remain PURE NETWORKING. With that said, I thank you for being interested in this group and look forward to meeting you in person. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please do email me. Very truly yours, Hovanes Margarian Attorney At Law

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