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Race your MTB with Over The Hump Race series
Biggest Tuesday night MTB race ( in the world! Register and race with us. Choosing Your Class New to racing? Not sure what class to race your first race? Here’s a quick guideline. KID’S RACE- (6-8 & 9-11 yrs)– 5:30pm start – $10 on-site registration only. Boys and Girls. *Note- parents if your child is 11 and you feel they are ready for 2 laps on the main course with the juniors, please talk with us. We will make exceptions, but only if we speak with you first. JUNIORS CLASS- 11 years to 15 years. “A” Group and “B” Group Junior “B” Racers are ready to try racing: New to racing, or just moving up from Kid’s 9-11 Over the Hump Class- plan to race. Not fit enough to finish a beginner lap in approximately 2 minutes Rarely ride or ride less than 30 minutes when they ride Want the experience, but lack the confidence to spend an all out effort for 30-40 minutes. Just got a mountain bike, and this is their chance to check out a fun casual place to ride with their buddies. Don’t need gears, but might want them Junior “A” Racers are ready to push themselves racing: Courses- Girl and Boy “A” racers will typically race two laps or twice the distance of the “B” classes (this is a guide not an unbreakable covenant) Juniors race on the Beginner/Intermediate Course All 4 Junior Classes will be awarded prizes 5 deep based on a 12 race series. Girls and Boys in “A” and “B” groups will receive end of series points and prizes Men’s & Women’s BEGINNERS CLASS- Recreational riders. New racers. 6 Race Series Podium – . You ride, but don’t usually race. Riding your local ride spot, you’re not exhausting yourself at 100% effort every ride, just to get faster. 10 miles is a long ride for you. ( Beginner is scored on 4 of 6 weeks in two 6 week series). INTERMEDIATE The intermediate class is a bridge class between beginner and sport. It was designed for racers with prior race experience (or those of you who have been training your ass off before you pulled the trigger on racing) who know they are a bit too fast to be called a beginner. If you’ve been racing for a while, and cringe when you tell your coworkers that you race BEGINNER, this is for you. It’s designed to be a challenging race class for racers who don’t feel they are ready for 3 laps. (Men’s Intermediate is scored on 4 of 6 weeks in two 6 week series). Beginners who move up are: Intermediate racers are qualified by one of three things: RACED BEFORE, OR FINISH THE SERIES IN THE TOP 30% IN PREVIOUS SEASONS. If you’re “TRAINING TO PODIUM”, and YOU ARE NOT a beginner. You’ve finished in the top 10% in the past season a couple of times, and were rewarded with the coveted OTH pint glass! Your gut (not the size of it) is telling you that Intermediate is the right place for you. If you answered yes to ANY of these, Intermediate is the correct class for you. SPORT CLASS – You’ve either raced before, or ride hard when you ride your local spot. If a couple hour ride, with a decent amount of climbing makes you cringe, think about racing as a beginner. Sport Class adds approx 4 miles to the Beginner Class, so plan on racing for approximately 11 miles. SUPER SPORT- A step between the Sport & Expert Classes. We have a lot of fast Sport riders who have considered to moving up, but the step to expert is pretty major. So we’ve created a new class as an intermediary between sport and expert. Super Sport will run 3 laps, and be an Open Age Class. All of you fast sport riders… this is the new class for you. SINGLE SPEED CLASS – You ride a single speed bike! Women and Men open. ELITE CLASS – Typically race CAT 2 or CAT 1 at other races. This class is fast with 4 laps for experienced and accomplished racers. BIG BIKES CLASS – This is “fun bike class” – you qualify if you satisfy any one of these requirements. Either 30lbs, or 2.8 ” wide tire or bigger tires, or 6+ ” of suspension. (we reserve the right to disqualify feather weight pro carbon race bikes , this is the every man’s class, other racers race in the right class, please)

Oak Canyon Park

5305 Santiago Canyon Rd. · Silverado, CA