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Portola Peats – Form & Function Focus w/ Strive
Here we go, time to hit some hills. "STRIVE and Pure Ride Cycles are happy to bring you the return of Portola Peats! This is intended to be a bike hill repeat ride - not your everyday mashfest, but rather, we are focused on working on Form, Cadence and Function. (If you really want to come mash, you can do that, too.) . 1 Hour effort – You will do as many hill repeats as you choose, with the focus of the climb being on easy spinning and good form. Starting in your lowest gear at the bottom and sustaining ~80 rpm cadence to the top. At the top, we will roll back to the bottom with an easy spin to keep your legs warm. On the next climb increase the gear by (1). Repeat until you cannot hold your form. The best part is, no one gets dropped, since the route is a loop! Please be prompt at 6:00pm so we can roll at 6:15pm. Thanks! Miles To Top: 1.30 Total Gain: 346 ft Grade: ~4% PLEASE BRING YOUR LIGHTS. Even though it’s light and you don't really need them, however, for safety reasons you SHOULD. Bring a change of clothes and $ if you’d like to join for dinner somewhere after the ride. DIRECTIONS: Take Sand Canyon towards the mountains to the end, turn right on Portola Parkway and go 1.02 miles, turn right on Silverado Street. Park On Silverado. MEET YOU THERE!! Let's get EVERYONE out there: Sariol Legal Cycling Rausch Physical Therapy & Sports Performance "

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