What we're about

The Purple Circle is a Safe and Sacred Space for men and women to get woke by sharing our experiences and learning from each other. Let's heal old wounds and co-create the new dynamic of balance between divine masculine and divine feminine within our selves so we may have relationship equality together.

We meet most months in Los Angeles and consistently on Humpdays in Encinitas and Thursdays in San Diego once a month, nearest the Full Moon. ( https://www.meetup.com/Purple-Circle-San-Diego-North-County/ )

Traditionally, this is a time of wholeness and closure -- divine timing for us to gather together and heal the past for future generations.… in sacred ceremony we practice authentic sharing, use expressive art, movement, and play therapy tools to enhance our understanding of our collective and individual experiences and share deep and powerful conversations about sex, relationships, gender, love, dating and more.

These 2 hours will be informative, enlightening, empowering, and tranformative!

Blue (for “Boys”) + Pink (for “Girls)
[represents programmed cultural gender biases and creates division, categorization, separation, disempowerment, disembodiment, and competition]
= The Purple Circle
[represents reclaiming our power, reintegrating the qualities of divine masculine and feminine individually and collectively, sharing knowledge, and becoming one]

What happens during a Purple Circle?
We will call in the quarters (4 directions and elements) creating sacred and confidential space. We will share a little about ourselves with each other and begin to connect. We will move into conversation around a chosen subject from our ever-expanding list (see the running list at www.sashazeilig.com/purplecircle). And Finally, we will do a group activity to solidify the discussed topic in a safe, funny, and poignant way.

Let's be open, honest and authentic with each other- so we can understand our similarities and honor our differences, express our truths, ask the hard questions of one another and get real answers.

Open to EVERYONE (18+)

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